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Alright, I've seen this happening way too many times and I want to say something about it.

100 DA points is not not worth much.

You can buy 800 DA points for $10 USD.
800 divided by 10 is 80.
80 DA points = $1
100 DA points = $1.25

If you're offering commissions for 100 points, you're being paid $1.25. If you're offering 100 points for a prize on a contest, you're offering $1.25. I've even seen 50 points ($0.63) or 20 points ($0.25). I don't know how much it is in other currencies, but I can't imagine it's much.

I spend at least 3-5 hours on a painting. Minimum wage is $7.50 USD where I live. That is not even enough to live on if you're working full time, so I expect to make at least that much for every hour I spend on doing art for someone else. If 80 points is $1, and minimum wage is $7.50, then the minimum cost for a commission that only takes an hour is 600 points. When I open up my own commissions, I take sketches for $10 and paintings for $20+ Depending on how much time it takes, which is why I will never take less than 800 points for sketches and 1,600 points for paintings. It's simple math.

When you're asking an artist to do 3 hours of work for $1.25, you are paying them $0.42 per hour. 42 pennies. Per hour. You can buy what, an apple for that much? But you can't even buy an apple because you can only buy things on Deviantart with DA points. A T-shirt on DA costs $20 (1,600 points). A premium membership costs $29.95 (2,396 points). Or you can trade them in for llama badges at the rate of 1 llama badge per point. And they aren't even real badges, they're pixels that sit in the corner of your page. So, basically if you have 100 DA points you can buy... the right to give 100 people pictures of llamas. If you like llamas you can go for it. I honestly don't care. But for those of us that are trying to get money for food and bills or just things off of the site, it doesn't help much.

I've seen arguments for this before. I've seen people say that it's because they can't afford to pay real prices. You know what though? You can't afford it then. That's life. Not having money doesn't mean you get someone else's time for next to nothing. It doesn't matter if you're a kid that can't get a job yet. Wait a few years and get a job. It doesn't matter if your country's currency doesn't convert well to USD. That's not the artist's fault. If they aren't living in a place where you can afford to pay them enough for them to live on, oh well. That's just how it is.

No one has the right to demand that an artist spend time away from their friends, family and work to spend time making something specifically for them, especially when you aren't even offering to compensate them for their time. That attitude is saying that they owe you their time. That you are so important that someone else doesn't deserve to have their own life just because you want a pretty picture. That isn't reasonable any way you look at it.

If an artist, fully understanding that they are underselling their work, wants to sell commissions at this price for any reason then fine. Go ahead. It's your time, do what you want with it. But coming up to an artist and offering them 100 points for art, whether as a commission price or prize for a contest, is implying that their time isn't worth as much as yours. It is nothing short of insulting and it bothers me every time I see it happen.


Melanie Tidler
Artist | Digital Art
United States
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